University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health, Dept. of Health Services Policy and Management, HSPM J716, CPM Assignment,

Pathfinder for HSPM J716 CPM Assignment

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 Mac Excel users 

If you can't paste into the box below, see the syllabus or contact the course instructor.

1. In your spreadsheet, select and copy the two-row block of cells with the start and end node numbers for the activities.
Steps 2, 3, and 4 won't work! The Java applet isn't running. Check your browser's Options to be sure Java is enabled. You may need to upgrade your browser or download the free Java runtime from
5. Go back to your spreadsheet and paste my reply in the proper place.

If the lower box doesn't respond after you push the button, check your diagram. Be sure you have only one start node (only one node with no arrow pointing to it) and only one end node (only one node that has no arrow coming out of it). If your diagram is good, verify that your array of numbers really corresponds to your diagram. If those steps don't help, send your spreadsheet, or the numbers you pasted into Pathfind, to me at .

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