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Assignment 10 Answer Checker

1. Decorative stones.

How many tons of coarse stones in the optimal production plan?

How many tons of fine stones?

How much revenue do you get at the optimum?

Excel's Solver's Sensitivity Report has the numbers you need for these:

How much would it be worth to you (to the nearest 0.01) to get another hour of ...
crushing time?

sifting time?

drying time?

2. The Cheap, Good, and Deluxe computers.

Remember to write a sentence explaining why you can't use the graph method for problem 2.

How many Cheap computers do you make?

How many Good ones?

How many Deluxe ones?

b. How much revenue do you make at the maximum?

c. How much would it be worth to you to get another hour of ...
circuit board assembly time?

peripheral fitting time?

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