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Assignment 4 Answer Checker

First, let's see if you correctly did the least squares regression with the AFDC data and can pull infomation out of it.

What is your estimated coefficient for UE_RATE?

If you got that right, type your P-Value for the UE_RATE coefficient in the smaller box below.

How do you interpret that P-Value? Click on the correct set of statements.

Let's move to predicting the AFDC-UP caseload. By selecting and filling in LS's Prediction form, you can get a predicted value for AFDCUP%. Type that in the smaller box below.

If you got that right, let's see if you successfully translated that percentage into a number of families. You had to divide your AFDCUP% prediction by 100, because it's a percentage, and multiply by the size of the SC labor force at that time, 1,700,000. What was your prediction for the number of AFDC-UP families?

Now let's check your F test. What number did you get from that big F formula? (Keep at least three decimal places in your numbers as you do the calculation.)

If your calculated F-test value wasn't correct, type the numbers that went into the big fraction in these little boxes. Fill in as many numbers as you wish, then click where it says "Click here to check the numbers." This will help you isolate why you're not getting the right F value.

What is the critical F value from the table?

Compare your calculated F-value with the critical F value from the table. What do you conclude from your F test?

If everything is right, you're in good shape for this assigment!
If not, check over your work. If you can't spot your problem, please get in touch with me.
Something will appear in the blank space in the next sentence once you have done a little of this answer checker.
Type this into your write-up or in the assignment text box on Blackboard.

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