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Data for Assignment 3

Hi! Here are your data for HSPM J716 assignment 3.

For multiple regression, we'll use the online LS program rather than the spreadsheet template to do the heavy calculating.

Getting the data into LS

Here are three methods for getting the data from the above box into LS. Method 1 takes longer. You get practice typing numbers into a spreadsheet. Method 3 is fastest. It skips the spreadsheet altogether.

Method 1: Write the data down, or print this page, and type the data into your spreadsheet, in the format shown in this diagram →

Method 2: Copy and paste the contents of the box into your spreadsheet.

  1. Right-click inside the box above. This should bring up up a little menu. Click on Select All. Then right-click again and choose Copy.
    1. If the right-click method doesn't work, click and drag with your mouse to select the data. Be sure to cover all the contents of the data box, including the space to the left of the word "Yield" in the first row. If that is hard to do, press Ctrl+Home to get your cursor into the upper left corner of the box. Then press Shift+Ctrl+End to select the entire block of data. Press Ctrl+C to make the copy.
  2. Start up your spreadsheet, with a new blank page showing.
  3. Move the cell selector to cell A1.
  4. Paste the data into your spreadsheet.
  5. If, when selecting for copying, you did not include the space to the left of "Yield," fix your spreadsheet after pasting by moving the first row variable names so that they are in columns B, C, and D, leaving cell A1 blank. The diagram above to the right shows how it should look.

Method 3: Copy the data, from the box, straight into LS. This skips the spreadsheet entirely.

  1. Copy the data, by doing the first step of Method 2.
  2. Open the LS web page. (This link will open LS in its own window, so you can still read these instructions.)
  3. Right-click in LS's upper text area box and select Paste. If that doesn't work, click in LS's upper box, and press Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert to paste in the data.
  4. If error messages appear, after you tell LS to read and check your data, you probably did not select the entire data box contents before copying, so erase the contents of the upper box and copy and paste again.

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