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Data for Assignment 1A Last Part

Hi! Here are your data for the last part of HSPM J716 Assignment 1A.

For Assignment 1A, start with the spreadsheet that you developed for Assignment 1. Add the columns and the new summary statistics as described in the Assignment 1A pdf. Decide whether you can reject the hypothesis that the true slope is 0 in the process that generated your Assignment 1 data. Include that in your write-up.

After that, copy and paste the data in the box below over the data in the B and C columns of your spreadsheet. These data were generated differently from the data for Assignment 1. Your t-statistic should change. Based on this new t-statistic, decide whether you can reject the hypothesis that the true slope is 0 in the process that generated these data. Include with your write-up or submission a printout or copy of the spreadsheet with these data.

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Instructions for copying and pasting the data into your spreadsheet: (If these instructions don't work, write the data down. Then type the data into your spreadsheet as described in the Assignment 1 pdf instructions.)

  1. Select all the data by
    1. right-clicking in the box and choosing Select All, or
    2. clicking in the box and pressing Ctrl+a , or
    3. clicking in the upper left corner and dragging with the mouse to cover all the data
  2. press Ctrl+C,
  3. start up or switch to your spreadsheet,
  4. move the cell selector to where you want the "X" to go (cell B1 of your assignment 1A spreadsheet, if you doing it as in the pdf handouts), and
  5. paste the data there (Ctrl+V should work).

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